Martino Rossi Spa has implemented and successfully operates cultivating supply chains in Italy and abroad for cereals and legumes without allergens, making the most of the various ranges and always applying the same guidelines.

Martino Rossi SpA finances, promotes and develops conventional and organic farming sectors and in many Italian regions and abroad to promote traditions and vocations.

It is a choice dictated by the need to operate in very different soils and climate with each other to reduce climate risks and expand the range of varieties.

A skill that starts from in the field to food supply chain services


With the wide range of seeds available on the market, the company chooses and provides seed farmers that have the best production yields in the field and the best milling quality.

Since 1997, our company has been signing supply chain production contracts with its growers, assuring them a performance bonus in relation to the given quality.

Assistance and controls are guaranteed throughout the phenological stage of the crop.

Martino Rossi Spa – All in our hands

Martino Rossi SpA controls and manages 10,000 Ha of cultivations through its team of skilled agronomists.

Lombardia and Emilia Romagna (Northern Italy)

  • Cereals (white and yellow corn, sorghum…)
  • Legumes (chickpeas, peas and beans)

Toscana (Maremma area)

  • Organic and conventional chickpeas

Puglia (Altamura area)

  • Organic and conventional lentils, chickpeas and peas.

Our Supply Chain in Hungary

The company created a supply chain in Hungary to enhance special corn hybrids of Plata type, suitable for high quality food ingredients.


Martino Rossi SpA has been in Hungary since 2014, through the sister company Hunzea Supply Chain Kft, which manages different corn supply chains in the regions of Transdanubia (Western Hungary).

As MartinoRossi, Hunzea follows DTO030 Manual of GMO Free products and its supply chain traceability is certified according to ISO22005. Crops are first given to the Nagyatad plant for drying and storage, and are then transferred to Malagnino with dedicated trains.

Work with us! Sign a cultivation contract. 

Molino Martino Rossi Spa



Molino Martino Rossi Spa




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