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With 70 years of experience alongside farm companies, raw material suppliers have allowed MartinoRossi to become the supplier of choice for Gluten Free Flours of Cereals and Legumes for the most famous food companies, a result achieved by putting safety, quality and traceability in the foreground.

Discover MartinoRossi’s History - Gluten Free Flours of Cereals and Legumes

A young Mr. Rossi Martino puts the agricultural world at the center of his interests, beginning to transport cereals and milk.
Rossi Martino is a pioneer in the distribution of technical equipment, such as corn hybrid seeds, agrochemicals and fertilisers, and he promotes the first agricultural innovations.
Rossi Martino expands the service to farmers, managing their agricultural crops: barley, wheat and feed corn. The first big step is establishing Cerealicola Rossi Srl and building storage facilities in Malagnino.
Cerealicola Rossi implements the first Italian corn supply chain for human consumption for the world's leader in cornflakes. Cerealicola Rossi is an accredited supplier of whole corn grain.
Cerealicola Rossi begins the adventure of milling cereals and installing the first mill with wet milling. Seen it is already strong in its supply chains and certifications, it soon acquires important market shares in Europe.
Cerealicola Rossi doubles the mill and significantly increases the storage of raw materials.
Cerealicola Rossi completely dedicates all machinery to the gluten free production, from storage to milling.
Cerealicola Rossi returns to investing. It further increases finished product storage and again doubles the mill’s grinding capacity.
Cerealicola Rossi opens the first heat treatment plant for producing pre-cooked cereal flours, and starts with legume supply chains.
Cerealicola Rossi doubles the heat treatment line to meet the growing demand for heat treated flour.
Cerealicola Rossi Srl becomes MartinoRossi SpA. A tribute to the founder, but anything has changed: no change in the objectives and mission of the company, in the passion and determination of the many co-workers and in business partners but a new Corporate Governance for the Company, to face more and more compelling challenges.
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Raw Materials

Primary processing plants:

The company is equipped with internal storage for all cereals and legumes of supply chains. During the harvest, all products from the fields are sampled immediately upon receipt and only after a thorough analysis, (humidity, broken grains, mycotoxins) they are sent to the subsequent cleaning and drying phases.

Drying is a very important process, which, thanks to internal “know-how”, allows us to obtain a high quality product. Other specific lines clean and make safe legumes and other products.

Modern temperature controlled storage facilities ensure and preserve quality throughout the entire milling campaign.

Transformation Plants:


MartinoRossi has been implementing its plant with several machines: from drying, cleaning and storing raw materials, to modern processing machines for semi-finished products for breakfast and Gluten Free Flours of Cereals and Legumes for making pasta and bread.


Technologically-advanced refining plants can reproduce several particle sizes to satisfy any customer’s requirement. Pre-cooking machines with steam system exalt use potentialities of gluten free flours. A state-of-the-art mixing machine allows to create mix of different flours.

The company has:

  • 1 wet mill
  • 2 packaging machines of paper bags (min. 20 kg) and big bags
  • 3 low-temperature drying lines
  • 21 vertical storage silos and 3 horizontal warehouses
  • 3 intensive cleaning lines for cereals and legumes
  • 2 heat treatment and refining lines for cereals and legumes
  • 1 decortication line for legumes
  • 1 refining line for raw cereals and legumes

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Gluten Free Flours of Cereals and Legumes


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