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MartinoRossi SpA is the leader in the gluten free and allergen free market.
The company directly follows the European market and its products are present from North America to Far East.

The company offers a wide range of gluten and allergen free ingredients from supply chains of cereals, legumes and superfoods, ideal for pasta, baked goods and pastries.

Raw and heat treated flours for pasta, snacks and bakery products, raw and heat treated corn grits for polenta and snacks, Hominy Gritz for cornflakes, snacks and cakes manufacturers, and calibrated whole corn for “masa” manufacturers, special mixes for coating breadcrumbs.

All starts in the field with farmers who have signed supply chain contracts for cultivating cereals and legumes, both in Italy and abroad, through sister companies.

The company has important primary processing machines for securing supply chain products, and a wide range of technologically advanced processing machines, for a complete range of gluten and allergen free ingredients.

Gluten Free and Allergen Free

We Sow

13.000 hectares of crops in conventional and organic farming

Gluten Free and Allergen Free

We Cultivate

16 raw materials including cereals and legumes, respecting agricultural vocations

Gluten Free and Allergen Free

We Transform

our supply chain products into semi-finished products and gluten-free, OGM free flours

Our Mission

MartinoRossi guarantees quality and excellence for its gluten and allergen free ingredients, from sowing in the field to product distribution, with respect for those who produce and consume these products.

Molino MartinoRossi SpA is the supplier of choice for its clients, for safety, quality and service.

The company is a trustworthy partner for producers of its supply chains, offering them the opportunity to grow.

Martino Rossi always wants to act following its promises to:
• Respect the environment;
• Promote good cultivating practices in various agricultural supply chains
• Respect local regulations;
• Share with with collaborators, assuring them dignity and respect;

Contact us for any information. Our qualified staff will be at your disposition.


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